How to install napari#

This guide will teach you how to do a clean install of napari and launch the viewer.


If you want to contribute code back into napari, you should follow the development installation instructions in the contributing guide instead.

Install as a bundled app#

napari can also be installed as a bundled app on each of the major platforms, macOS, Windows, and Linux with a simple one-click download and installation process. You might want to install napari as a bundled app if you are unfamiliar with installing Python packages or if you were unable to get the installation process described above working. The bundled app version of napari is the same version that you can get through the above described processes, and can still be extended with napari plugins installed directly via the app.


Note that the bundled app is still in active development, and may not be very stable. We strongly recommend installing as a Python package instead.

To access the cross platform bundles you can visit our release page and scroll to the release you are interested in. For example, the bundles for napari 0.5.1 can be accessed here. To get to the download link, just scroll all the way to bottom of the page and expand the Assets section. You can then download the appropriate file for your platform.

Next steps#

  • to start learning how to use napari, checkout our getting started tutorial

  • if you are interested in contributing to napari please check our contributing guidelines

  • if you are running into issues or bugs, please open a new issue on our issue tracker

  • if you want help using napari, we are a community partner on the imagesc forum and all usage support requests should be posted on the forum with the tag napari. We look forward to interacting with you there!