Plugins are a powerful way to extend the functionality of napari and share these extensions with the community. While scripts and widgets can also be used to extend napari, plugins offer the most convenient method for publicly sharing additional features.

Check out the user focused content to guide you through installing and using napari plugins, or the developer focused content to start creating your own plugins for napari.

Start using plugins

Introduction to napari plugins, what they can provide, and where to get support.

Finding and installing plugins

How to find and install plugins from the napari plugin installer or napari hub.

Building a plugin

In depth guides to build a plugin for napari.

Virtual environments and useful tools

Workshop on virtual environments and useful tools for plugin development.

Testing and publishing

How to test your plugin works and how to publish it to PyPI, along with some tips for making your plugin easy to find.

Technical references

Technical references for the plugin system and the plugin API and guides to convert from first generation plugins to npe2.