Creating and testing themes#

A theme is a set of colors used throughout napari. See, for example, the builtin themes in napari/utils/ To make a new theme, create a new dict with the same keys as one of the existing themes, and replace the values with your new colors. For example

from napari.utils.theme import get_theme, register_theme

blue_theme = get_theme('dark')
    background='rgb(28, 31, 48)',
    foreground='rgb(45, 52, 71)',
    primary='rgb(80, 88, 108)',
    current='rgb(184, 112, 0)',

register_theme('blue', blue_theme)

To test out the theme, use the file from the command line as follows:

python -m napari._qt.widgets.qt_theme_sample

note: you may specify a theme with one additional argument on the command line:

python -m napari._qt.widgets.qt_theme_sample dark

(providing no arguments will show all themes in

Sharing your theme via a plugin#

You can also share your theme with the community via a plugin by adding a theme contribution. See the plugin documentation for details on creating a plugin.