napari 0.4.4#

We’re happy to announce the release of napari 0.4.4! napari is a fast, interactive, multi-dimensional image viewer for Python. It’s designed for browsing, annotating, and analyzing large multi-dimensional images. It’s built on top of Qt (for the GUI), vispy (for performant GPU-based rendering), and the scientific Python stack (numpy, scipy).

For more information, examples, and documentation, please visit our website:


This release is a quick follow on from our 0.4.3 release and contains some nice improvements to the GUI and analysis function hookspecs we experimentally added in that release. We’ve expanded the API of the napari_experimental_provide_dock_widget to accept new magic_factory- decorated functions (available in magicgui 0.2.6+), or any callable that returns one or more widgets, making it easier for developers who want to use magicgui and not have to write their own qt widgets (#2143).

We have also renamed napari_experimental_provide_function_widget to napari_experimental_provide_function and reduced its API to receive only a function or list of functions. napari will then take care to generate an appropriate user interface for that function. This will make it even easier to create analysis pipelines in napari (#2158).


  • Add example code to hook documentation (#2112)

  • move Viewer import into method (#2119)

  • Support for EventedList.setitem with array-like items (#2120)

  • Add array protocol to transforms.Affine (#2137)

  • Relax dock_widget_hookspec to accept callable. (#2143)

  • Add name of system to napari sys_info (#2147)

  • Points layer enable interactive mode in add mode, don’t add point when dragging, addresses #2146 (WIP) (#2148)

  • Change plugin window search from naming convention to pypi classifier (#2153)

  • Add compress=1 to tifffile imsave call (#2157)

  • Add informations on what to do on error in GUI (#2165)


  • Better documentation of API changes in 0.4.4 release notes (#2171)

  • Add new function and dock widget hook specifications to documentation (#2158)

Bug Fixes#

  • QtAboutKeyBindings patch (#2132)

  • Fix too-late registration of napari types in magicgui (#2139)

  • Fix magicgui.FunctionGui deprecation warning (#2164)

  • Fix show/ hide of plugin widgets (#2173)

API Changes#

  • viewer.grid_view() has been removed, use viewer.grid.enabled = True instead (#2144)

  • viewer.stack_view() has been removed, use viewer.grid.enabled = False instead (#2144)

  • viewer.grid_size has been removed, use viewer.grid.shape instead (#2144)

  • viewer.grid_stride has been removed, use viewer.grid.stride instead (#2144)

  • Plugins are no longer discovered by naming convention alone; to appear as an installed plugin in napari, make sure you use the napari.plugin entrypoint in your or setup.cfg. To appear as a listed plugin on PyPI, be sure to use the Framework :: napari trove classifier. (#2152)

  • The napari_experimental_provide_function_widget plugin hook specification has been removed. Plugin developers should use napari_experimental_provide_function instead for functional (layers/layer data in -> layers/layer data out) plugins, and napari_experimental_provide_dock_widget for more elaborate plugins that require custom widgets. (#2158)


  • layer.status is deprecated, to be removed in 0.4.6. Users should instead use layer.get_status(position). (#1985)

  • The position argument to layer.get_value() is no longer optional, and will be required after 0.4.6. (#1985)

  • layer.get_message() is deprecated, to be removed in 0.4.6. Users should use layer.get_status(position) instead. (#1985)

Build Tools and Support#

  • Add missed doc string in import_resources (#2113)

  • Delay import of pkg_resources (#2121)

  • Remove duplicate entry in install_requires (#2122)

  • Fix typo in deprecation message (#2124)

  • DOC: Formatting and Typos. (#2129)

  • DOC: Rename Section to conform to numpydocs (Return->Returns) (#2130)

  • Provide make_test_viewer as a pytest plugin, for external use. (#2131)

  • Doc: fix syntax = instead of : (#2141)

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