napari 0.3.4#

We’re happy to announce the release of napari 0.3.4! napari is a fast, interactive, multi-dimensional image viewer for Python. It’s designed for browsing, annotating, and analyzing large multi-dimensional images. It’s built on top of Qt (for the GUI), vispy (for performant GPU-based rendering), and the scientific Python stack (numpy, scipy).

This is a short release that refactors our installation process to allow more flexibility around which Qt python bindings users install (PySide2, PyQt5). Starting with this release, running pip install napari will no longer install a GUI backend by default. For a complete installation with a GUI backend, users are now encouraged to use pip install napari[all], which will install the default backend (currently PyQt5). To explicitly select a backend, users may run either pip install napari[pyqt5] or pip install napari[pyside2].

For more information, examples, and documentation, please visit our website:

Build Tools#

  • Add check-manifest to CI and release workflow (#1318)

  • Packaging and refactor (#1324)

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