napari 0.3.5#

We’re happy to announce the release of napari 0.3.5! napari is a fast, interactive, multi-dimensional image viewer for Python. It’s designed for browsing, annotating, and analyzing large multi-dimensional images. It’s built on top of Qt (for the GUI), vispy (for performant GPU-based rendering), and the scientific Python stack (numpy, scipy).

For more information, examples, and documentation, please visit our website:


This release contains a number of bug fixes on various platforms. For those interested in napari performance, we have added a new performance monitoring mode, that can be activated by the NAPARI_PERFMON environment variable, see (#1262) for details. We have also added a page in the explanations section of our docs on napari’s rendering including plans for the future.

New Features#

  • Allow using of custom color dictionary in labels layer (#1339 and #1362)

  • Allow Shapes face and edge colors to be mapped to properties (#1342)

  • Add performance monitoring widget (#1262)


  • Factor out ImageSlice and ImageView from Image (#1343)

Bug Fixes#

  • Fix warning for python 3.8 (#1335)

  • Fix range slider position (#1344)

  • Fix Linux and Windows key hold detection (#1350)

  • Fix crash when selecting all points (#1358)

  • Fix deleting layers changing dims (#1359)

  • Revert “remove scipy.stats import (#1250)” (#1371)

Build Tools and Support#

  • Remove broken link from (#1236)

  • New documentation on rendering (#1328)

  • Remove incorrect dashes in cirrus push_docs task (#1330)

  • Use correct pyqt version in tests (#1331)

  • Fix docs version, reformat, and add explanations (#1368)

8 authors added to this release (alphabetical)#

8 reviewers added to this release (alphabetical)#