Testing resources#

These resources may be helpful in developing tests:

  • Today’s plugin - Plugin Tests

  • pytest - pytest is a mature full-featured Python testing tool that helps you write better programs.

  • qtbot - class pytestqt.qtbot.QtBot: Instances of this class are responsible for sending events to Qt objects (usually widgets), simulating user input. Important: Instances of this class should be accessed only by using a qtbot fixture, never instantiated directly.

  • pytest-cov - This plugin produces coverage reports. Compared to just using coverage run this plugin provides some extras.

  • codecov - As long as your code has tests and your coverage tool can output coverage results you can use Codecov.

  • GitHub workflow docs - You need only a GitHub repository to create and run a GitHub Actions workflow.

  • Slides from workshop presentation - These are the actual slides that were used during the testing workshop.