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import warnings
from typing import TypeVar

from import EventedList
from import NestableEventedList
from import Selectable
from napari.utils.translations import trans

_T = TypeVar("_T")

[docs]class SelectableEventedList(Selectable[_T], EventedList[_T]): """List model that also supports selection. Events ------ inserting (index: int) emitted before an item is inserted at ``index`` inserted (index: int, value: T) emitted after ``value`` is inserted at ``index`` removing (index: int) emitted before an item is removed at ``index`` removed (index: int, value: T) emitted after ``value`` is removed at ``index`` moving (index: int, new_index: int) emitted before an item is moved from ``index`` to ``new_index`` moved (index: int, new_index: int, value: T) emitted after ``value`` is moved from ``index`` to ``new_index`` changed (index: int, old_value: T, value: T) emitted when item at ``index`` is changed from ``old_value`` to ``value`` changed <OVERLOAD> (index: slice, old_value: List[_T], value: List[_T]) emitted when item at ``index`` is changed from ``old_value`` to ``value`` reordered (value: self) emitted when the list is reordered (eg. moved/reversed). selection.changed (added: Set[_T], removed: Set[_T]) Emitted when the set changes, includes item(s) that have been added and/or removed from the set. (value: _T) emitted when the current item has changed. selection._current (value: _T) emitted when the current item has changed. (Private event) """ def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs) -> None: self._activate_on_insert = True super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.selection._pre_add_hook = self._preselect_hook def _preselect_hook(self, value): """Called before adding an item to the selection.""" if value not in self: raise ValueError( trans._( "Cannot select item that is not in list: {value!r}", deferred=True, value=value, ) ) return value def _process_delete_item(self, item: _T): self.selection.discard(item)
[docs] def insert(self, index: int, value: _T): super().insert(index, value) if self._activate_on_insert: # Make layer selected and unselect all others = value
[docs] def select_all(self): """Select all items in the list.""" self.selection.update(self)
[docs] def remove_selected(self): """Remove selected items from list.""" idx = 0 for i in list(self.selection): idx = self.index(i) self.remove(i) if isinstance(idx, int): new = max(0, (idx - 1)) do_add = len(self) > new else: *root, _idx = idx new = (*tuple(root), _idx - 1) if _idx >= 1 else tuple(root) do_add = len(self) > new[0] if do_add: self.selection.add(self[new])
[docs] def move_selected(self, index: int, insert: int): """Reorder list by moving the item at index and inserting it at the insert index. If additional items are selected these will get inserted at the insert index too. This allows for rearranging the list based on dragging and dropping a selection of items, where index is the index of the primary item being dragged, and insert is the index of the drop location, and the selection indicates if multiple items are being dragged. If the moved layer is not selected select it. This method is deprecated. Please use layers.move_multiple with layers.selection instead. Parameters ---------- index : int Index of primary item to be moved insert : int Index that item(s) will be inserted at """ # this is just here for now to support the old layerlist API warnings.warn( trans._( 'move_selected is deprecated since 0.4.16. Please use layers.move_multiple with layers.selection instead.', deferred=True, ), FutureWarning, stacklevel=2, ) if self[index] not in self.selection: self.selection.select_only(self[index]) moving = [index] else: moving = [i for i, x in enumerate(self) if x in self.selection] offset = insert >= index self.move_multiple(moving, insert + offset)
[docs] def select_next(self, step=1, shift=False): """Selects next item from list.""" if self.selection: idx = self.index(self.selection._current) + step if len(self) > idx >= 0: next_layer = self[idx] if shift: self.selection.add(next_layer) self.selection._current = next_layer else: = next_layer elif len(self) > 0: = self[-1 if step > 0 else 0]
[docs] def select_previous(self, shift=False): """Selects previous item from list.""" self.select_next(-1, shift=shift)
class SelectableNestableEventedList( SelectableEventedList[_T], NestableEventedList[_T] ): pass