Main Window Option

By default, when using the Qt backend, magicgui’s window is a plain QWidget, not a QMainWindow subclass. This allows the GUI to be easily integrated into other Qt applications, but it also means that the window lacks a few features such as the top app menu.

To enable that top app menu you should use the main_window flag when decorating your main function:

from magicgui import magicgui

def add(num1: int, num2: int) -> int:
    Adds the given two numbers, returning the result.

    The function assumes that the two numbers can be added and does
    not perform any prior checks.

    num1 , num2 : int
        Numbers to be added

        Resulting integer

    add(2, 3)  # returns 5
    return num1 + num2

Running this function will show a GUI with a top app menu bar containing a single entry - “Help”, with a “Documentation” option. Clicking on it will pop up an HTML-enabled text box that shows the function’s complete documentation:

Menu example

This can be very helpful when your tool’s functionality is not completely obvious at first glance, or when a few different user-enabled flags may interact in non-trivial ways. Alongside the tooltips for each parameter (which magicgui automatically generates) the GUI will be as well-documented as your code is.

A runnable example which uses the HTML capabilties of this feature can be found in the github repository at examples/