Organization of Documentation for napari

The organization of documentation for the napari project is currently split into three repositories: the napari/napari repo which houses the source code for napari, the napari/docs repo which contains legacy and version-specific API documentation and guides, and the napari/ repo that makes up the main site, comprising of tutorials and copied-over files from the napari/napari repo.

Location of documentation sources

API docs, guides, plugins, roadmaps, releases, developer guides, developer resources, and community resources live in the napari/napari repo under the docs directory. For backwards compatibility with the previous structure as used in napari/docs, some files are “duplicated” by using the MyST include directive.

Tutorials, the main index page, and the WIP sphinx theme are in the napari/ repo.

The napari/docs repo contains no original documentation sources.

Bringing it all together

For the napari/docs repo, files are built in docs/_build/html in the main napari/napari repo and then copied over to the appropriate version number or dev using an automated process.

Documentation sources are copied over to using the script (found in the docs directory of napari/napari). Duplicate files are excluded and the table of contents is automatically updated. Specifying which files should be copied / excluded can be modified in the script itself. This script is automatically run in continuous integration and the changes are pushed to the napari/ repo, which will then automatically build and update the site.