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from __future__ import annotations

import weakref
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

    from typing import Callable

    from typing_extensions import Protocol

    class Emitter(Protocol):
        def connect(self, callback: Callable):

        def disconnect(self, callback: Callable):

[docs]def disconnect_events(emitter, listener): """Disconnect all events between an emitter group and a listener. Parameters ---------- emitter : Emitter group. listener : Object Any object that has been connected to. """ for em in emitter.emitters.values(): em.disconnect(listener)
def connect_setattr(emitter: Emitter, obj, attr: str): ref = weakref.ref(obj) def _cb(*value): setattr(ref(), attr, value[0] if len(value) == 1 else value) emitter.connect(_cb) # There are scenarios where emitter is deleted before obj. # Also there is no option to create weakref to QT Signal # but even if keep reference to base object and signal name it is possible to meet # problem with C++ "wrapped C/C++ object has been deleted" # weakref.finalize(obj, emitter.disconnect, _cb) def connect_no_arg(emitter: Emitter, obj, attr: str): ref = weakref.ref(obj) def _cb(*_value): getattr(ref(), attr)() emitter.connect(_cb) # as in connect_setattr # weakref.finalize(obj, emitter.disconnect, _cb) def connect_setattr_value(emitter: Emitter, obj, attr: str): """To get value from Event""" ref = weakref.ref(obj) def _cb(value): setattr(ref(), attr, value.value) emitter.connect(_cb)